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It’s been a busy month and a half. I finished the Spring semester with honors. I received an A in Pharmacology- 92.63%, to be exact- and an A in Ethics (I actually received 507/500 pts). That feels really good to say. Three weeks ago I received my acceptance into the Nursing program at I***- what joy and relief. And fear. What have I gotten myself into?! So many new things.

On Tuesday I registered for my first clinical at a Rehab hospital. It was actually where my mom had her first clinical in 1994. Kinda freaky. It will be on Monday morning at 6 AM. Man, that’s early. The Rehab hospital is also nearly an hour away from my house, so I’ll be getting up around 4 AM. The rest of the week my classes start around 8 AM. I need to start “training” my body for early mornings. I am excited to start this part of my life, I feel like I am finally getting somewhere good.

To top all the good news off, I was called this afternoon by a recruiter about a job application I put in at a local hospital. I had applied the last week of May for a Nursing Assistant position in the Med./Surg. department. God, I hope the interview goes well (well, what I really hope for is to get the job!!). I hope my weight doesn’t count against me. I mean, in an ideal world it wouldn’t, but this is the real world- in the medical field. I can see them not wanting an obese assistant. I mean, what kind of message would that send to patients? I hope my personality and intelligence wins them over.  😉 I am wishing all kinds of ways to get this new job. I have been so unhappy in my current position. I’m actually taking a week off starting next Wednesday because I just can’t standing cashiering anymore and need a break. Working in retail has started to feel really, really dismal. So, a fresh start somewhere new would be ideal. Plus, it’s time for me to move on from Kohl’s. I’ve worked there for five years, and I need to starting working in the medical field. Please pray for me on Tuesday- my interview is at 9:45 AM.


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