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Fifth time’s a charm

Fifth week of the semester. I had my first exam on Thursday- 86%. I’m slightly disappointed. I studied alot, but my concentration just wasn’t there. Sean, Danielle and the baby visited the Friday before and gave Mom and me a cold, which was at its’ worst on Monday/Tuesday. I still haven’t shaken it off, and took Nyquil and slept 13 hours yesterday. I felt like death all day- foggy, aching head, dazed disposition, listless, even in the face of a gorgeous, sunny afternoon.

We’ve had a cold snap all week and I’ve been loving it. Sat outside Friday afternoon looking through nursing journals for this Chem. essay I had to write, and it was so beautiful out- sunny, about 65*F, and the cats and dog romping through the flowers. It was practically pastoral. I felt the urge to put on a shepherdess dress and skip through the grass, tying ribbons ’round the cats’ necks. Today I opened up all the windows downstairs and turned on all the fans to air out the house- it was getting a little fusty after a summer of central air. I have two of the sheddy-est cats in existence. I brush Molly and Chessie almost everyday and get handfuls of fur from the two of them, and still every surface in the house is covered with cat fur. The worst is my desk in the sunroom, because the dark cherry finish magnifies every piece of dust on it. Sometimes I want to shave them both, or take a Hoover to them.

I wrote the dullest essay in the history of essays- about calcium ions. My Chem professor has sucked the life out of this course- she is so detail-oriented and anal that I just want to scream. For a 250 word essay she handed out FOUR PAGES of explicit instruction, plus supplemental examples and resources on her constantly updated webpage. Attending her lectures is basically pointless- our first exam is this Wednesday, and she posted an announcement that the 28 questions- over chapters that we haven’t even finished in class- will be covering the homework that she never reviews, and we never turn it. She doesn’t write out study guides, nor suggest important materials. I have never had such a horrible professor.

I’ve been looking at taking some classes to complete a BFA. I have 110 credits that transferred from U**, and many of them are applicable to I’s BFA program. As it stands, I’m looking at 12-15 more classes, or 3 semesters. I think while I’m earing my ASN I’ll plug in classes when I can, and then take classes once I start working as a nurse. The way I look at it is this: I don’t want the five years I spent at U** to be for nothing, nor the $30K I accrued in debt to be for nothing. Even if I don’t do anything with a BFA, at least I finished it, and it will be easier to get a Master’s degree or teach, if ever I wanted to pursue either.


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